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Benedikte Saint-Pierre


TV Presenter

Fashion Theorist & Creative

Visual Designer



The Academic Turns Creative

Growing up in an academic and politically active family in the north of Norway and with a love and keen interest for book learning, everyone, including myself, thought I was headed for a long and happy academic career. But having discovered at 19 that following this said academic career staked out for me was actually extremely boring, I made a complete U-turn, decided to activate my creative side, left university and Norway behind and headed for London, where I trained as an actress at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Never had I been happier: finally I could CREATE.

In London my interest in fashion and style grew, and I delighted in experimenting with all sorts of crazy styles and using fashion as a way of expressing myself and my creativity. Never did I think this would be so much part of my future professional life.

TV and design
After years of working as an actress in both Norway and abroad I moved into the realm of TV as a TV presenter. Alongside this, with a lifelong interest in visual art and design, I studied graphic design – and threw in a bit of web design for good measure.

Now I find all these elements and professions are so much part of me they are present in every job I do – no matter what it is. They are all linked and they all give me immense pleasure.


Showreel & Videos

Showreel mostly in Norwegian but subtitled in English, so do remember to set your subtitles to ON on YouTube!

You’ll find more TV work samples here.
You’ll find videos here.

Photo by Mona Five-Herbern.

Benedikte as guest judge at Miss Universe Norway. 

Photo by Elsa Gabo.

Fashion illustrator Bhawdeep Singh’s interpretation of The Fashion Bandit

Foto by Benedikte Saint-Pierre.


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