Photo by  Adam Den Haene.


Fashion: Dress to express

Fashion and style is so much part of who I am that no matter what I do, it’s a topic bound to pop up. And it’s got to be said: I have very strong views on the matter. And that’s not in the regular “wear this not that” school of thought – quite the opposite!

Style is about personality, it’s about originality and creativity, it’s about the freedom and joy of expressing and showing the world who you are on the inside by wearing and creating outfits and styles born in your own mind on the outside.

The Fashion Bandit

This is why I created the concept of “The Fashion Bandit” – whenever I’m working in the field of fashion, be that as a model, a stylist, an art director or a consultant, I work as The Fashion Bandit: the one who bends the rules and twists the trends, throws in a lot of fun and absurd humour – and happily ignores her number one enemy: The Fashion Police.

You’ll find the whole, fun-filled Fashion Bandit universe and everything you need to know about my services as stylist, consultant and art director at


Photo by Antara Roychowdhury.

Photo by Adam Den Haene

Photo by Kjetil Janson.

Photo by Adam Den Haene


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