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These days I dedicate most of my time to working in the role of TV presenter and presenter of web shows and videos.

I mainly present content within the fields of entertainment and infotainment, but with my broad experience from TV, a handy knack for transforming complicated subjects into easily understandable and entertaining programs and with a track record of keeping viewers engaged, involved and returning, I am always ready for new subjects and challenges.

I am particularly known for my in-depth interviews and for creating a relaxed atmosphere full of warmth, smiles and good humour, be that in the studio or on location. 

Visual content and videos

Since I started not only presenting for linear TV but also for web, I discovered that doing the whole production process myself, from photo and camera to editing was surprisingly fun! I therefore decided to take on commissions producing visual content and shorter videos for web and social media for clients;  businesses, brands and for personal use alike. 

Although a qualified visual designer I now seldom take on pure graphic design or web design commissions, but rather use these skills when needed in my video production. 


Depending on brief and in line with my Fashion Bandit approach to fashion I take on styling and art direction commissions. 

In short…

Whether in the role of TV presenter, visual content creator, art director or stylist, to the appropriate degree for the job in hand you can expect passion and enthusiasm, colours and sparks, bubbles and playfulness; surprising and sideway perspectives and humorous angles  – and a passion for intelligent content. 


Photo by Antara Roychowdhury.

Photo by Benedikte Saint-Pierre.


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