What do I Present?

I mainly present content within the fields of entertainment and infotainment, but with my broad experience from TV, a handy knack for transforming complicated subjects into easily understandable and entertaining programs and with a track record of keeping viewers engaged, involved and returning, I am always ready for new subjects and challenges.

I am particularly known for my in-depth interviews and for creating a relaxed atmosphere full of warmth, smiles and good humour, be that in the studio or on location.


Presenter for TV8 Norge

For years I was one of Norwegian TV channel TV8 Norge’s best known presenters and reporters. I presented TV8’s main program Studio8, a daily studio show similar to The One Show on BBC1, with guests raging from Norway’s top celebrities, politicians and party leaders to experts in a wide variety of fields. As part of Studio8 I ran two series of in depth studio topics; one on health and one on exercise. I later presented TV8’s popular Friday show Weekend, as well as presenting the sports competition Mestermøtet (Meeting of Masters), cookery shows and judging reality shows.

Style – presenting and personal

As I worked in TV8 I was delighted to realize my TV audience truly enjoyed my work,  knowing me for my bubbly enthusiasm, feel-good humour, curiosity and ability to connect with guests and interviewees as well as to engage my viewers regardless of topic. My style and not least signature hairstyle – which I feared might alienate the more conservative viewers – turned out to be a great hit with both young and old;  so much so that my hair soon came to be synonymous with the name of TV8, and I was often referred to simply as “that TV8 presenter with the hair.”

And not least…

To the appropriate degree for the job in hand you can expect passion and enthusiasm, colours and sparks, bubbles and playfulness; surprising and sideway perspectives and humorous angles  – and a passion for intelligent content. 



Showreel and work samples

Showreel mostly in Norwegian but subtitled in English, so do remember to set your subtitles to ON on YouTube!
Interview with Judymay Murphy and John Gray in English – the rest in Norwegian.


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